Sparkling Natural Vital Water



Wooo, Mambo!!

Speaking that, "Mambo" by Leonard Bernstein who was an American composer, conductor, author, music lecturer, and pianist.

Not only audiences, but also members of orchestra is standing and dancing. Many floweres is scattered on orchestra which is performing. This picture taking the performance by Gustavo Adolfo Dudamel Ramírez is absolutely delightful.





ベネズエラグスターボ・ドゥダメル(Gustavo Adolfo Dudamel Ramírez, 1981年生 )が指揮したこの映像はほんとに楽しい。


Indian Curry

Today's lunch was a butter chicken curry of Indian curry shop. It was so good for me to order nuns as much as I want.


When I stayed in India, I ate dull curry at the same shop every day for four month. In that time, I could eat dull and rice as much as I wanted for 15 rupees. I did not get tired of eating that curry every day.

I can't forget that an imitated food for meat in that curry was very delicious. Because that curry shop was for vegetarian, such imitated food was sometimes in a curry.


I don't know how to say such imitated food in Hindi. But it is called "sha rdzun ma" (fake meat) in Tibetan.






その肉もどき、ヒンディー語では何て言うのか分からないけど、チベット語ではシャ・ズマ(sha rdzun ma)、文字通り「偽肉」と呼ばれてた。

Spiritual Void

I am into an animation "Kami nomizo shiru sekai" (The World God Only Knows) which my friend recommended.


Some girls was possessed by "Kake Tama" (running souls) which were like little daemon souls from hell, because Kake Tama entered into spiritual void of girls.

In order to displace Kake Tama from girls, it is needed to fill their spiritual void by love.

A boy, who is interested in just girls of 2D, was charged with mission to let real girls fall in love, and he complete that mission. This is outline of that animation.


Since the story that "Otaku" is popular with real girls is set, it may seem that the unrealizable wish of "Otaku" is projected into that animation. However, that animation deals with an important existential question for almost people.


In my personal view, spiritual void which becomes hideout of Kake Tama is made by a lack of self-confidence (of course not only that). The feelings of self-denial, self-doubt and meaninglessness of self, make spiritual void.


In that animation, the girls get self-confidence back by love. Because, Love is mutual recognition of self and others, and can be hope of future.


Description of spiritual void of girls remind us that we have same spiritual void, and can offer emotional catharsis. I think it is true value of that animation.

An advertising slogan


It came with a book I bought.

An advertising slogan of the famous dictionary is wiriten on it.


"Word has meaning."


There are no unnecessary words.